November 1, 2021 by Boris


It is finally done!

We are happy to announce our website relaunch  After some time of developing and testing new ideas for our online presence, we believe  that we now have found a good new fit to present us and our services to the web community!

What’s new?

Well, a few things are new and aiming to improve the experience of our website visitors:

The front page

Presented in a more visual way, our vistors will find what they are looking for with ease. The slider at the top of the page is highlighting special information such as promotions, special courses or our team, whereas the core of our services the languages are nicely presented after our brief introduction.

Meet our Team

Our shop

You now can buy our courses and learning material through our shop. Browse through the available courses, check availability and simply purchase them online with all major payment methods

The Shop

Our E-learning platform

This project took the most time to develop and we are particularly proud of it: a complete blended A1 course for German is available. It took over a year to develop and it currently runs in its beta version. Little bugs and user friendliness are currently being tested. Are you perhaps interested in joining the testers for free?


Just drop us message and we’ll be happy to provide you access! 

Email Us

We hope you’ll enjoy the new functionalities and design. Stay tuned for upcoming