French is one of the world’s most influential languages. It is reputed to be the foreign language which is most widely used in international communications, after English. Besides of France, it is one of the official languages of Belgium, of Switzerland, and of Canada; it is the official language of Haiti, of more than 15 African countries, and of various French overseas dependencies. In addition, French is the unofficial second language of a number of countries, including Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon, and Syria. Almost 300 million people speak French as their native language or as a second language.

Today it is one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

Being largely derived from Latin (with the addition of modern vocabulary from English) the French language has a lot fewer words than the English language (which originates from both Old French and old forms of German).

In Hong Kong, French is a very popular choice for learning as a second language. Many secondary schools (International/Local) teach French as a foreign language. Several primary schools introduced French for the youngest learners as well. For adult learners, French remains the first choice for Hongkongers to study. Whether for a business reason or simply to feel the “Savoir vivre”, we have the right French course suiting your needs.

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