English / French / Spanish / German / Mandarin / Cantonese / Japanese / Korean
20 Hours per Module

Elementary Course (English/ French/ Spanish/ German/ Mandarin/ Cantonese/ Japanese / Korean)

Our Elementary Courses are the perfect choice for false Beginners who already have a certain foundation in the language they are studying.

In small groups of 3-6 students the students will improve their foundation in the language they are studying.

By the end of the course, you will be able to communicate effectively in the language you are studying in most social situations, i.e. able to obtain any information that you need, and to express what you want as quickly and as effectively as possible.


Course Content

  • Speaking about yourself and your family
  • Describing personal attributes and qualities
  • Work and jobs
  • Leisure, sports, and hobbies
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Describing feelings
  • Going to a restaurant – food and drink
  • Weather and clothes
  • Shopping
  • Holidays
  • Travel and services
  • Asking for and giving directions
  • Talking about the past and the future and socializing


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