Language Training & Programs for Companies

Features and Benefits

In an international hub like Hong Kong it becomes apparent that local SME’s and big MNC’s need to equip their local or foreign employees with foreign language skills. By doing so, they maintain the highest grade of competitiveness in global societies, which thanks to the latest communication technologies move closer together.

Why Mastery in Languages

Traditional private language instruction offers your employees a very personalised learning experience at your location or ours.

Highly trained, native speakers are teaching all our language programs. At Mastery in Languages we offer both private or group language training.

Private Corporate Training

Our private corporate language training offers the highest degree of flexibility and customisation. We design the program for each student individually to meet every possible learning objective and schedule. With the teacher’s undivided attention, the students can progress at their own pace. Also, they receive immediate, specific feedback from the teacher.

Group Corporate Training

Firstly, our group corporate language training is the ideal way to provide language training for teams or co-workers with similar language levels and same objectives. Secondly, our groups for corporate training are ideally kept small with not more than 10 students. As a result, we can guarantee a maximum of attention to each participant.

Online Learning Solutions

Online education is lately experiencing a reorganisation, resulting gradually in a higher demand for various reasons:

  • Technology
    • Technology has become cheaper, faster, and more advanced, making it accessible to everyone everywhere.
    • Students face busier and tighter schedules nowadays, hence not all of them are able to be available at a certain location at a certain time.
    • Highly qualified and experienced teachers aren´t usually available everywhere.

Our team possesses the experience in assessing, conducting and marking different examinations for a wide range of educational institutions as well as local and international corporations.

Contemporary education is partially turning towards e-learning. If this new way of education is an attractive option for your staff, MIL has got you covered!

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