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We are proud experts in IGCSE preparation. With over 90% of our students scoring a 9 (previously A*) in IGCSEs , we will be happy to help you boost your score!
Our IGCSE experts are not only native linguists but they also possess extensive experience to successfully prepare every specific of the IGCSE. Our teams knows all the tweaks of the different exam boards, whether be it CIE or Edexcel.

Topic Area Focus

The topic area focus emphasises on the review of all core areas. With specific reading exercises and development of mind maps the students will gain the necessary confidence to present their ideas. The reading will assist improving the topic related vocabulary.

Grammar review

Grammar knowledge is not only relevant for the writing paper, but has even gained more relevance with the introduction of grammar exercises. Therefore, it is important that candidates have a strong grammar foundation. Joining our IGCSE classes, our students will be assessed in their grammatical knowledge and confidence and a revision plan will be implemented to boost the confidence and minimise weaknesses.

Oral focus

The oral exam (picture description/role play) is a crucial part of the IGCSE. The students can demonstrate their speaking skills. We prepare the students with mock picture descriptions and follow up discussions. The students’ work is analysed by our IGCSE experts and students receive an individual advice and set of tools on how to succeed in their orals

Translation focus

Since a translation exercise has become part of the IGCSE exam, we consistently work with students to excel in this part of the exam. Topic related exercises are presented to the students in order for them to familiarise with this area of the IGCSEs.

Past Paper drill

Lastly, our past paper drills will give the necessary ease of stress in the IGCSE preparation. Our extensive IGCSE past paper library is accessible to our students. Our IGCSE experts will mark the papers according to mark schemes and IGCSE criteria. The students will receive an individual advice on how to boost their scores.

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