English / French / Spanish / German / Mandarin / Cantonese / Japanese / Korean
20 Hours per Module

Our Higher courses are courses for people with 4 years or more previous study of the language they are studying (about 600+ hours). If you wish to extend your proficiency in more specific areas whether for either academic or professional purposes, these courses are what you need to help you achieve your goals.

Lessons make use of an extensive range of authentic materials, taken from a wide variety of sources, designed with your particular needs in mind.

In small groups of 3-6 students the students will improve their advanced knowledge in the language they are studying.


Course Content

  • Literature
  • Art and culture
  • History and traditions
  • Technical and legal language
  • Scientific and technological development
  • News and current affairs
  • Economics, political, and social trends
  • Contemporary issues


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