Teaching: English
Business English, English Language & Literature (I/GCSE, IB HL / SL), TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT & English for Specific Purposes

Vita & Experience

Ray is an experienced English teacher, writer and editor, who works in language education since 2001.

He worked for a variety of reputable schools and institutes in Hong Kong, delivering classes to corporate clients and individuals, covering a wide range of class contexts.

His classes included business (oral and written), English literature (I/GCSE, IB HL / SL English Literature, IB HL / SL English Language and Literature) and general English.

He also prepared a variety of students successfully to sit TOEFL, IELTS and GMAT entrance examination.

Furthermore, his skills as an editor and writer enables him to develop tailor-made content for any related context, as it proves his authorship of an English Grammar Handbook.

Conversely, holding an MBA, Ray not only masters the English language like not many other teachers do, but also possesses the ability to teach Financial English at all levels.

As a result, Ray is a very skilled, mature and expert English language and literature teacher, with a very solid academic background, which makes him a truly versatile educator in diverse areas.