Boris Wilde | Director

Teaching: German | Fluent: English, French
I-GCSE, AS, A Level, IB SL / HL, SAT, Goethe Zertifikat; Business German: General / Legal / Financial

Vita & Experience

Boris is a Director of Mastery in Languages. The fascination for languages follows him since his school career at a French high school in Berlin, where he besides of the Abitur (German A Levels) also obtained his French Baccalauréat Série ES (French A Levels). Besides the trilingualism in German, French and English, Boris studied also Latin and Old Greek which enables him to explain difficult grammar in a very systematic way, an ability which all his students benefit from.

After his school career he sucessfully pursued Law studies which he finished with a Master’s Degree and a specialisation in commercial and banking law during his traineeship. His academic background not only gives him the necessary tools to teach general German but also the necessary knowledge to teach business German in particular commercial, legal and financial German.

Boris looks back at several years of successfully teaching secondary students and guiding all of them to the highest possible grades in every possible exam, as well as adult students of all walks of life and lastly top executive staff of multinational companies in very specific contexts.

As a result he is a highly qualified and experienced German instructor whose skills and qualification will bring out the maximum of every student.