Teaching: Latin & English | Fluent: English, Cantonese

Vita & Experience

Despite his young age, Alex is an experienced and professional Latin and English teacher.

His passion for Latin started in Rome at his university’s library. After one month of intensive studying he was able to translate Cesar’s Gallic Wars (GCSE level). After joining further university courses, he was able to translate Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Ars Amoris, and Ex Ponto (A-levels). He has a modern approach to teaching Latin, meaning that he is teaching the rigorous Latin grammar in a interactive way rather than simply making the students memorise conjugations or declensions.

Besides Latin, Alex is also able to teach English as a first and second language at all levels.

This modern teaching approach results in impressive learning results of the students. His enthusiasm is contagious. Alex is a versatile educator who can to any learning context presented to him.