Summer Courses 2023

Summer is just around the corner and we are happy to offer our summer courses again, as we do every year.

And, as we all know that foreign languages play an important role in school careers and personal development, it is a good idea to use part of the holidays to expand our language skills and cultural understanding.

In small groups, our summer students can take their first steps in a foreign language. Our native-speaking teachers teach the target language using the latest materials and communicative approaches.

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Back To School 2022

The new academic year is finally here!

Our new joiners can claim  their 'Back to School Offer' to enjoy 15 % off.

We currently offer the best language courses for French, Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese and Latin.
All our courses are taught by native, experienced and qualified teachers. Our materials are adjusted to better suit online courses.

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Our Team

Our team at Mastery in Languages consists of passionate foreign language teachers.

All our teachers are qualified and in most cases have several years of teaching experience.

We pride ourselves on having the right teacher for every imaginable type of learner.

For example, we have experts for teaching elementary school age students, for exam preparation in secondary school, for the adult recreational student, or the student who is learning or brushing up on a foreign language for professional reasons.

Detailed information about our individual teachers can be found here:

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Exams are part of every elementary and secondary student's routine. With the help IGCSE & IB experts, our students achieve excellent results ( 97 % A*/9 in IGCSEs / 95 % 7s in IB).

IGCSE and IB classes are available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Mandarin and Korean.

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Other available exam preparation lessons are language aptitude tests for university entrance such as IELTS, SAT Subject Tests, ACT and AP.

Official Diplomas

Official language diplomas are valid permanently. Once you have attained one, the certificate never expires, regardless of which country you are in – it’s a constant asset, in terms of job hunting and much more, for life.

It is particularly beneficial to those aiming to take up work in foreign language speaking countries, or for those seeking promotion or improved career prospects in those countries.

In addition, students can benefit hugely from having a formal qualification. Language skills are highly sought after in many career fields, and an official language diploma can open doors to jobs and experiences that others would miss out on.

We currently offer courses to prepare for the DELF, DELE, JLPT and Goethe Zertifikat.

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Goethe Zertifikat / DSD I & II

歐洲語言、普通話、粵語、日語課程及韓語, 課堂及講授

位置灣仔,Mastery in Languages 提供英語、法語、西班牙語德語及拉丁文,及至普通話、粵語韓語及日語課程,課堂內容及講授方式因應學生年齡及程度而設。
隨社會步向全球化,無論年齡或背景, 語文教育成為人際溝通不可或缺的元素。



Mastery in Languages 明白每個人都用不同方式認知、理解、表達,所以我們著重瞭解學生個別潛能及需要,使其輕鬆且有效地汲取知識。無論您正籌劃向學習外語踏出第一步,或正為子女尋找學術及考試支援,又或希望提高專業語文水平,令事業更進一步,我們都為您尋找最合適之教學方針,助您達到理想目標。



無論您喜歡單獨授課,跟志趣相投的朋友自行組班,或參與小組課堂,與更多同學交流學習,Mastery in Languages 都為您提供最佳選擇。我們會仔細評估所有學生,經專業導師分析,為您安排最有效的學習模式。



我們一班經驗豐富的導師均以英語 / 法語 / 德語 / 西班牙語為母語,並皆持有相關專業認可資格,承諾最優秀的外語教學。除教授語言,他們亦會帶領學生一起發掘、比較我們國家文化傳統的同異。

We look forward to welcoming you, your child or your staff as students at Mastery in Languages!

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